International Disclaimers

We advise all international customers to double-check their address before ordering. This is the number one reason for lost shipments.

Warranty / Returns policy for International Orders

Due to various costs and expenses related to selling internationally we cannot offer the same Warranty and Return Policy for our international customers as we do with our domestic customers.

Warranty Policy: We do not offer any warranty on international purchases.

Return Policy: We do not offer a return policy on international orders. We will work with you to provide a satisfactory solution if we are at fault for an issue.

We will always guarantee the safe delivery of your product.

Please note that the delivery times shown at checkout are just estimates provided by the carrier and do not guarantee those delivery times.

Import Taxes / Vat / Customs duties Policy

All customers are expected to pay their respected country's import duties. This is something out of our control and is required by most governments for all imported goods. Please research your country's import laws and fees before placing an order.