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Smooth Fabric: Our Desk Mats feature a premium cloth surface.
Water Resistant: Good for sweaty hands and humid environments.
Flush Stitched Edge: No fraying + Flush with the surface. 
Crisp Printing: Sublimated printing means sharp, long-lasting prints!
Rubber Base: Our natural rubber base keeps the desk mat in place.
Comfort: Our desk mats are THICK! 5mm to be exact. They are perfect for casual gaming and productivity.

Box Contents

1 x Desk Mat
1 x Premium Packaging
1 x Silicone Coaster
1 x Microfiber Storage Bag
1 x Holographic Sticker
1 x Brand Card, Cleaning Guide, and Review Card


Cleaning Instructions

Step 1: Grab soap and a brush/sponge.
Step 2: Place the desk mat in a bathtub. Scrub with soap & water.
Step 3: Rinse the surface with warm water. Remove all soap.
Step 4: Pat dry with a clean towel. Air dry for 24 hours on flat surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Thomas Contant

Highly recommended!

Robert Sfero

Bought this for a gift. He loved it. Thank you.

Eddie Kramer

Man this thing is nice! I just got it after 4 days of delivery. I thought it would be another two days until it got here, but it came early. It was very exciting opening the package. The box that it comes in is the best looking and best material of any package I ve ever got. The mouse pad matches my desk and I love it. I am also in the military so that is one of the reasons I got this mouse pad. Great product!!

Nicholas Stairs

When I opened it I knew immediately that is was going to be good. The presentation is awesome and when you take you re new mouse pad out of the bag you can tell that this material is high quality. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and there customer service is amazing!!!


Great mouse pad👍

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