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Comet - Pro Series

Comet - Pro Series

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Fast & Tough: Made from Nylon Cordura®. The Comet™ is the strongest speed pad ever produced.
Waterproof: Certified 2000m Waterproof Rating.
Flush Stitched Edge: No fraying + Flush with the surface. 
Rubber Base: Our natural rubber base keeps the desk mat in place.
Perfect Thickness: This pad is 4mm thick, the optimal thickness for competitive gaming.

Box Contents

1 x Mouse Pad

1 x Silicone Drink Coaster

1 x Box


Cleaning Instructions

Step 1: Grab soap and a brush/sponge.
Step 2: Place the desk mat in a bathtub. Scrub with soap & water.
Step 3: Rinse the surface with warm water. Remove all soap.
Step 4: Pat dry with a clean towel. Air dry for 24 hours on flat surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Drake Bush
A Large Step Up From The Original Minus The Style

Great quality and consistency across the pad and still waterproof! This is not the fastest pad ever made but is much faster than the original and leaves you with a solid amount of control for small movements and has barely any initial friction. My one and only gripe, albeit small, is the stitching is very slightly above the pad unlike the original. Leading to the mouse experiencing a mild bump when exiting the pads surface. Overall if you are into faster paced games and want a waterproof pad this is a no brainer.

Pretty good

The mousepad is quick and the best mousepad that is almost as quick as a hard pad which I really enjoy. However I do have a problem when I pick up my mouse and place it back down the courser doesn't register and it just stays on the screen as if I am not moving my mouse when I am. Plus I didn't have this problem on my older glorious mouse pad so.. maybe it just needs to be used a bit more idk.

Hello Michael,

This could be caused by the liftoff distance setting on your mouse. We would suggest trying to increase the liftoff distance to the maximum amount to see if it helps!

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